Innovation Continues

We are proud to announce that we keep successfully installing in new areas, a new national product, Electric Tubing Rotator, in a crude oil production site in Mendoza, Argentina.
This innovative equipment allows maintaining the controlled rotation of the tubing by using an actuator, which offers multiple benefits for the operation and maintenance of the wells.

The electric tubing rotator is recommended in deviated wells, severe service, or old conventional wells, since it avoids localized wear of the components below the wellhead, increasing their useful life.
It also extends intervals between maintenance, which reduces costs and operational risks.

Among the advantages of the electric tubing rotator are the following:

  • Compact, fixed design at the wellhead, which remains installed during well service.
  • Replacing the need for conventional tubing hangers, which simplifies assembly and disassembly.
  • Installation on multiple pumping systems, such as AIB, PCP, etc.
  • Explosion-proof certified gear motor, which guarantees the safety and efficiency of the equipment.
  • Constant rotation speed, which optimizes tubing performance and avoids clogging.
  • Includes a torque limiter, which protects the equipment from possible overloads or damage.
  • The electric tubing rotator is an innovative and effective solution to improve the performance and durability of oil wells.

If you would like to know more about this and other products and services we offer for the oil industry, please do not hesitate to contact us.
At Tulsa Oilfield Solutions we are committed to innovation and customer satisfaction.