Sucker Rod Rotation & Support

Allows to align, fasten, damper, rotate and protect the polished rod.

Advantages of  TULSA® Sucker rod support and rotation modular system:

  • Eliminates the polished rod support clamp.
  • Optimizes the time and the spacing action of the pump.
  • Position adjustment device for polished rod, for wells with frequent variations in the pump’s stroke.
  • Extends life cycle of polished rod by avoiding the marks produced by the clamp, which can create cracks.
  • Allows spacing variation of the pump in a practical and simple way.
  • Precise positioning of the pump’s piston, raising and lowering the polished rod string.
Inertial Rod Rotator
  • Driven by an efficient mechanism.
  • The string load in the upward pumping generates a millimetric displacement in the assembly.
  • This displacement is angularly transferred to the string.
  • Completely replaces cable or bracket rotator drive system.
  • Short installation time.
  • Includes anti-rotation folding arms.
Rod string rotator 20 - 30 and 40,000 lbs.
  • Uneven wear of rod centralizers prevention.
  • Increases the lifespan of the elements below the wellhead, even with severe friction.
  • Ensures even wear of couplings, pump and packings.
  • It is driven by the movement of the pumping equipment.
Self-lubricating aligning discs

Kit of two aligning discs to absorb perpendicularity deviations of the pumping rod up to 1.5° related to the support surface of the hanger, due to misaligned wellhead or displacements of the pumping equipment.

Rod spacers
  • Avoids the use of clamps.
  • Reduces labor costs.
  • Increases operational safety.
Snap-in rod spacers
  • Devices designed to adjust the position of the bottom pump.
  • Allows  height adjustement without removing the coupling.
Self-lubricating extreme ring discs
  • Allows the proper seating of the coupling ( rod extremity) producing a uniform distribution of the thread tensions.
Accessories for dynamometric devices
  • Leuter device type.
  • Others.