Avoid wear and tear, reduction of wax deposits and
workover time with pulling equipment.

TULSA® provides a range of solutions for the well subsoil in order to avoid wear, reduction of wax deposits and workover times with pulling equipment.



  • The rotators allow to maintain a controlled rotation of the tubing through the actuator.
  • The tubing rotator is advisable in deviated or harsh service wells, or old conventional wells.
  • Prevents uneven wear of components below the wellhead, increasing component life, even with severe friction.
  • Extends maintenance intervals.
  • Compact design and fixed on the wellhead.
  • Remains installed during well service.
  • Replaces the need for conventional tubing hangers.
  • Can be installed on a variety of pumping systems.
  • Certified explosion-proof reduction engine.
  • Constant rotational speed.
  • Torque limiter included.
  • Suitable for: AIB, PCP, etc.


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  • Two-piece straight and helical centralizers available in different formulations of engineering polymers.

  • Two snap-on parts that attach to the sucker rod string.

  • Tulsa Guides are installed on the sucker rods using the Installation Tool (Tulsa Code: 6000-00).

  • Tulsa Guides for 2⅞" tubing are supplied in 3 (three) different sizes for ¾", ⅞" and 1" rods.


  • Tulsa Guide for 3 1⁄2" tubing is provided in 2 (two) different sizes for ⅞" and 1" rods.


  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact between sucker rods and tubing prolonging the service life of the tubing.


  • Combined with the use of Rotor Rod (Tulsa), they prevent the formation of paraffin deposits on the rods on the tubing walls and also quadruples the lifespan of the rods.


  • Easy on-site installation.


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  • Extends the lifespan of the sucker rod string and tubing.
  • Reduces the energy required for pumping by reducing friction.
  • Adequate distribution of the centralizers along the rod will allow the scraping of the tubing, eliminating the formation of paraffin deposits.
  • Prolongs the service lifespan of the rod by avoiding the marks produced by the clamp, which lead to the crack generation.
  • Fast installation, no pre-heating is required.
  • Manufactured in different materials, according to the well's operating conditions where it will be applied.


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  • TULSA Flo is a magnetic fluid treatment device.

  • Its function is to prevent the deposition of waxes and mineral salts and to gradually revert previously produced deposits.


  • It avoids the use of chemicals for these purposes.


  • It is inserted in the tubing 100m deeper than where it is estimated that the kerosene depositions start. Then, depending on the well, it is recommended to install 1 every 900-1200m.


  • It eliminates the use of hot-oil and/or chemical products for wax treatment.


  • Generates a high intensity magnetic field affecting the precipitation of ions contained in the fluid.

  • Retards the formation of deposits, avoiding the clogging of tubing and production lines due to the accumulation of mineral salts and/or wax.


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  • Allows draining the fluid in the tubing to facilitate maintenance maneuvers.
  • Easy operation with surface maneuvering.
  • Installed in the tubing above the pump.
  • Multi V seal made up with elastomer and fabric fiber.
  • "J" type mechanism completely sealed and protected.


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  • It provides direct displacement control during pump and tubular extraction maneuvers.

  • Valve is installed under the cups shoe.

  • Designed for insertable mechanical pumps

  • Opening of the clapper by pump installation:

  • Allows direct circulation exceeding 150 PSI for Well Control.

  • Taking the necessary precautions, a pump change can be performed with FBy equipment.

  • Closing of the valve is done automatically when the pump is extracted by means of a spring-loaded mechanism.

  • Reduces intervention time and cost.

  • Reduction of vacuum truck assistance, just for BOP assembly/ disassembly.

  • Clapper closes the well from the bottom.

  • Compact diameter

  • Compact length

  • Bottom anti-circulation seal prevents solids ingress and scaling development.

  • Anti-scaling edge

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel compression spring

  • Reliable stainless steel clapper mechanism for corrosion protection.

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